Mariah G. California

Police Negativity

Cops why they are hated on and why they shouldn't be

Dear Mr. or Mrs. president congratulations on your big win. I would like to talk about the police negativity spreading around the nation.

Cops why they are hated, why they shouldn't be hated and who are making the cops look bad. Police are hated on for many different things killings, the right thing to do, or just “ sitting around” because people don't know what actually happens with cops everyday but what is really going on and what is all the hate about.

Hate is spreading throughout the nation and everyone is just going along with it and with the hate of not doing your job well 1 cop is assigned to about 10,000 people and you can't be in two places at once.Why are cops being hated on well they're being hated on for the killings of African-American and only that even though the news doesn't put out what really goes on they protect themselves so they won't get harmed and so others don't suffer either it doesn't matter what race you are as long as you list to them and obey the law.

what's the news are putting out and why.The news is showing what really happened The news is showing what really happens they kill just to be racist they do it because they don't want to be harmed by bad people the news isn't showing that more officer are being killed then the citizens that are not so innocent then the seem. According to “we’ve had several police officers shot and killed during the last seven years. I've had eight officer killed on the line of duty- five shot dead. So there is violence that takes place against police as well, that needs to be taken into consideration.”

some may think that the police just are against black men and women because of the killings put out from the news but if that was true they wouldn't have African American police. As a fact more whites are killed the African Americans.

In summary police are not rude the news puts out what people want to hear so they can get their views on TV.



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Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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