Evelynn B.

Dear Future President

To the next president.

September 29, 2016

Dear Future President,

Congratulations on winning the election!!! But ask yourself this, why were you able to win? You were chosen for a big responsibility and you have to make big decisions that will affect this country. But how did you decide to take this responsibility? How were you able to convince the people to trust you for these decisions? I believe that people would have trusted you on being the President because you have showed that you are smart,honest and that you believe in equality. People must’ve have know that you are smart because you will have to face a lot of stressful problems that can uplift or destroy the country. Your ideas also have to be smart because it will not affect you but lots of people too. Honesty is also important because the people need someone whom they can trust to make those big decisions that can bring us up or take us down.Plus if you just lie to us, it can give us false hope and we will take the cold hard truth even harder than it already is. You also must treat people equally because you as the president can belittle the other people and give you a bad reputation. Once again I congratulate you in your political success and hope you make the right decisions for this country.