Danny K. California

Police Brutality

This year, there have been many concerns about police using excessive force with guns. I will be addressing the problems we face today as well as how to solve them.

Dear Future President,

There have been many concerns regarding police using excessive force on civilian. The most common thing that is happening right now is police aiming at blacks for no reason what so ever. In 2015 researches found that  32 percent of black people who are unarmed has been killed while only 15 percent of white people who are unarmed have been killed by the police. What is the cause of that? Racism? If so, we need to question ourselves why is it that blacks have a higher percent of death rates due to police using excessive force on. Another research states that " For every 1,000 people killed by police, only one officer is convicted of a crime." and this is a problem. Why so? because this is the reason why people have been hating on the police. This shows that police are just abusing their powers and get away with it which is not okay. Police duties are to protect the civilians, not to abuse their powers and say that they are helping the community with it. I would advise the police community to rethink on their actions and how they are approaching at it. This is, collecting data about the past and also to review them on how to approach it differently next time, Many other countries don't have the problems we face today, because they use different method to avoid it. People are all equal, it dose not matter on what skin color they are, what race they belong to, and  their religion. We need to solve this immediately before the circumstances gets worst.