Yuno P. California

Ethics of our country

Thoughts on abortion and further moral standing

Dear Future President,

My name is Yuno Park and I am a junior at Santa Clara High School and I have a growing interest in history and politics. This interest is growing due to my nature and personality that continually questions general morality and the nature of the human condition. Furthermore, I write this letter today to ask what may be your position on abortion laws. This interest in the abortion laws, although stemming from general interest for the people of this country, most importantly catches my attention because abortion laws ultimately hold power to define the moral standing of our nation.

To elaborate, the moral identity of our nation is questioned head on with this issue as the right to take a life is made a possibility. This, furthermore, intrigues me as the deciding factor will define, ultimately, what a life is worth to the American society. If abortion of any type continues to be legal, any justifications made to allow abortion will additionally interest me as this will give America a more defined national character regarding the value of a human life itself, which in turn may shift the American identity. As this is an issue which I regard as fascinating and crucial for the future to come, I write this letter to you today to understand more what your moral stance is and what you believe the moral stance for the American people should be.

As for my opinions on what the moral identity of any nation should be, I take the side of the optimist which, for me, represents a type of view that believes that any life, no matter what preconceived notions it may have before birth, should never be stereotyped due to the fact that the future for any life can never be predetermined.

Yuno Park