Nicholas H. California

Racial Discrimination

Racial Discrimination in our country and how it impacts us as a whole.

Dear Future President, 

                  I wish you the best in your presidential term and I hope you can bring beneficial changes to our country. America has improved so much during the last decade, we have made technological advances that some countries are not even close to replicating. We have even reached some of the highest placements in our educational system. However, one thing that seems to be persistent since the early development of the United States is Racial Discrimination. This has been a huge problem in our country and I believe it's time to change the mind sets of the people. People should not be discriminated because of the color of their skin, we should be judging them by how they act and treat others, or how they contribute to our society. Even though it is not as prominent as before it is still around in our country today. People may say that Racism is not a huge impact in today's world, however they fail to see the amount of fear some people have because of the horrifying confrontations with people who still think Racial Discrimination is necessary. I hope that this short paragraph convinces you to influence ignorant people not to racially discriminate anyone.