Gabriel R. California

The Cost of College

In today's world there are many people who are not able to pursue a higher education due to the expensive cost of college.

 Dear Future President

In California, the state that I currently reside in, the average tuition cost for a four year university is $10,232 which is expensive for lower income individuals who aspire to attend a university. With tuition being at an all time high according to the College Board website, more college graduates are destined to be in debt, and that's if they even graduate college. I write to you, as a low income student, to express my dissatisfaction regarding the cost of college and why it should be modified so that more people can afford to attend a college or university.

The cost of a higher education has become a controversial topic in the last decade.  I believe it is really important because there are too many students who are not able to further their education. Even if they do attend college, when they graduate they are more than likely to be in a situation where they find themselves in debt to the university, the government, or banks because of  taking out loans or simply because they can't afford to pay the price of attending college. In the “land of opportunity”, the cost of college has become a barrier to becoming successful in the future. To create a better picture, in the year of 2012 there were about 1.3 million students in debt where the average amount of debt was approximately $25,550. That amount of students represents 73% of all students who graduated in 2012.

I believe that the price of college, more specifically, tuition as it represents the most significant expense, should not be free but lowered to a more affordable average of $5,000 per year. The remaining amount should be covered through taxes either from the public. The reason I believe college should not be free is because if that was to happen, taxes would increase drastically for the public. I also believe that it shouldn't be free because all that money paid in tuition is used to fund professor salaries, student services, remodeling and expansion projects, and maintaining the school. Essentially I believe that college prices should be reduced to a more affordable price with the use of taxes and the rest of the money would be the student's responsibility.


Gabriel Romero



The Preuss School UCSD

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