Tyler H. California

Animal abuse in labs

Every year 100 million animals are killed in labs.

Dear future president,

Every year millions of animals are killed in labs because of the testing of products that humans use every day and they are exposed to harmful substances. 

Animals are being killed for the testing of products that humans use every day. Animals are used to test household cleaners, cosmetics, drugs, and pesticides. The products could kill the animal or the animal could get lung disease or other harmful side effects. Animal testing is slow and expensive and their are different ways that labs can test chemicals and medicine such like advanced computer- modeling techniques.

In lab testing animals are exposed to harmful chemicals. During the World War 1 era, they did the lethal LD50 test on animals and rodents. They tested lethal chemicals in higher and higher doses until half of them died or were killed. 50 chemicals were tested during the LD50 test.

The testing helps keep humans safe from certain chemicals. Testing these chemicals on animals help keep humans safe from certain chemicals and medicines. It makes sure that humans don’t have issues with the product. While animal testing is used to make sure that humans don’t get sick from medicine, cosmetics, and chemicals, it is inhuman.

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Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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