Jacob H. Iowa

Black Lives Matter

"Black Lives Matter" needs to stop

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

What will you do about the movement “Black Lives Matter”? Personally I would try to abolish it. The group is made up of African Americans who are afraid of “racist cops [who] gun down innocent African Americans." This group over stresses the way our protection services operate. Granted, some cops are found guilty of shooting African American males because they truly are racist.

If a cop asks you to stop what you are doing and you stop, then you won’t have to be forced to stop. But if you are asked to stop and you do not stop, then you will be in more pain then if you had stopped. It is the same way for blacks and whites, if you obey you will be better off. That’s what I think people need to learn. So please, if you could, try and fix this situation ASAP.

Thank you, Jacob H.