Dylan S. California

Discrimination, It goes deeper than the color off your skin

Discrimination is problem most people will at one point in their life. People often think that racism and discrimination are the same, in reality racism is a form of discrimination. Discrimination is making an acquisition that separates one from another. An example of discrimination would be treating someone differently because the way they dress.

Hello Mr.Obama, Under your leadership this country has started take a turn in a direction i'm very happy to see it going in. Although your tremendous commitment to improving this country has done so much, discrimination is a topic i haven't heard much from you on and hope in your last few weeks can address and start the rise to eliminating.Discrimination has struck our country heavily since the beginning. As president you are a man who can persuade people to ignoring and see the full aspect of discrimination.

Thank you for your time.

Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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