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Immigration in America

An article on the negative effects of immigration in America.

Dear Future President,

Many people have different opinions on the issue of immigration. Here is what I think on the subject.

Immigration is bad because terrorists are getting into America that way and it is causing overpopulation.  America should not let more people become American citizens because then there will be terrorists sneaking in with them.  Terrorists are a big threat to our country and it needs to be fixed. Some ways we can do this are not letting any people into our or if we do let people in getting thorough background checks on them. Also if there is any suspicious behavior you should report it to the Police. Finally to help prevent terrorists from getting into America we should hire more people for border patrol to protect the U.S./Mexico border.

Immigration is also bad because it causes overpopulation.   When tens of thousands of people enter America; that’s tens of thousands of people in America who don’t have jobs. If these people don’t get jobs soon enough then they will be homeless. America already has a lot of homeless people and we don’t need any more. We are already taking lots of people and they need a chance to find jobs too.

I know that immigration lets people start new lives but it’s still not fair.  Many people have been waiting for years to get a chance to move to America and it’s just not right for other people to cut in front of them and take their spot. Plus, letting people in isn’t worth risking another event like 9/11. You never know who the honest citizen is or the terrorist.

In conclusion, I think that we can not have open borders to anyone who wants to join America. We must have tight security and deep background checks. In other words we can’t allow immigration in America.

Thanks for reading,

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Zhebel - English 8

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