Gavin S. California

College Tuition Costs too Much

Over the last 30-40 years the price of college has increased by about $18,000 and has became less affordable.

Hello future president of The United States of America.

Since 1971 the price to go to college has increased by $21,200 and that is not affordable for many families. We need to reduce the price of college because in 1971 the price per year in state college was $2,800 now it increased by $21,200. College used to cost $2,800 because in 1971 less people went to college and $2,800 was a lot more money. In 1971 $2,800 was worth a lot more. In 2016 $2,800 would be worth $10,697.11. $10,697.11 is still a lot cheaper than the current $24,000 so what else affects the price? Common school supplies like pencils or composition notebooks cost a lot more now than they did in 1971. Computers also have become much more expensive. In 1971 the Intel 404 cost $200 and now computers cost up to $5,000. With all these new more expensive versions of technology the price has dramatically increased to be properly supplied for college.

College tuition now costs $24,000 because more people are attending college so the colleges are charging more. College tuition costs a lot but families still need to pay for essentials like housing, supplies, food, etc. After you buy all the essentials college costs around $35,000 per year. Many middle class families aren’t able to pay for this steep price. People who don’t go to college have a higher chance of starting a bad careers. People who don’t go to college also have a higher chance of being arrested later in their lives.

Over the course of the last few decades, public funding for higher education was slashed. Over the last few decades public funding for higher education has been significantly declined. Because of this it has made the colleges raise tuition. The colleges need the money to pay the salaries for professors and other workers. The greater price also helps with dorm cleaning and sport programs. If the colleges don’t charge more then there will be less professors and no college sports.

Since 1971 yearly in state college tuition has increased by $21,200. Many middle class families can’t afford to send their kids to college because of price. Public funding for higher education has dramatically decreased over the last couple decades. Since 2012 college tuition has increased by $8,646.

By 2012 Tuition Had Risen to $8,646 ($8,816 Adjusted for Inflation) per Year, a 1,920% (259% for Inflation-adjusted Numbers) Increase. Meanwhile, the Median Income in 1971 for Men Was $6,903 ($34,898 Adjusted for Inflation) and for Women Was $2,408 ($12,1. "Median Incomes v. Average College Tuition Rates, 1971-2012 - College Education -" ProConorg Headlines. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Nov. 2016.


Gavin S.

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