Tyler M. Ohio

Prejudice And Persecution Against People That Can Not Be Changed

Do you believe that there are still people who discriminate based upon skin color. This has to be changed because people are being persecuted because of something as simple as how they look or something that can not be changed. This is something that was ruled out of the U.S.A. a long time ago. Do you want our country to resume on those horrible past actions.

Dear Next President:

I believe racial profiling is still a huge problem in modern society and can easily be resolved by enforcement of a few laws, moving away from the past. My first point to pronounce is how so many people are still getting judged by skin color. This is horrible because a skin color can not define somebodys personality or any other physical traits. This is also sad because skin color is not something that can be changed. In the world(specifically the U.S.A) where I consider my home, and there still are people are still getting redefined by how they look instead of how they act and or behave. For the future president of the United States I strongly suggest that you look deeply into the people who are still getting judged by their skin color because this was ruled out a long time ago.

Another point I would like to make is that just because someone has a difference in appearance does not mean that they can’t have the same rights as others do. This situation is important to me because it shows how ignorant some people can be, this is evident due to how there are still people who have decided to show discrimination to those of differences in appearance. In America, appearance always used to define anyones social ranking and we need to move away from that ruling. I would also like to show how this can affect the entire country. In the United States slavery was banned over a century ago. This tradition is still carried on in many people( in less numbers) but, for the future president of the United States, if you can please make sure the belief in racial profiling is eliminated before anything bad can happen to those who are being discriminated against. These simple enforcements can make a world of difference for the upcoming years in the U.S.A.

My last and final point that I would like to make is that if someone of a certain kind of ethnicity does a wrong or ill-mannered type of act, this can not be held against everyone of that same type of ethnicity. One reason I am concerned about this type of discrimination is because if something bad happens from someone who is a certain race or follows a religion everyone practicing the same beliefs can be convicted of something they had nothing to do with. This affects lots of people in the world because anything such as an act of terrorism can get you in big trouble with a government just by the religion you follow or the ethnicity you can not change even if you did not even know it happened. That is why completely innocent people are being persecuted. Looking more closely at what specific people did instead of assuming that someone did something by race is what the future president needs to do to control unnecessary persecution to innocent people of the world.



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