Bryan M. California

How Pokemon Go will keep Kids heathy

Video games can make kids healthier.

                                     How Pokemon Go Will Keep Kids Healthy

Dear Future President, by Bryan Moore

I believe that we need more gyms and poke stops on Pokemon go, because a lot of kids like to be on their phones too, but Pokemon go does that for you to get exercise and get to the gyms and poke stops.

I think that it could be unsafe because some people are not paying attention and they my get hit by a car. One more thing is that it is kind of unfair because sometimes if you do not have a advanced phone you can not get a update on it. And sometimes if you use the hack you should get rid of it because if you are use it you can get band and lost all of you Pokemon.

One fact is that it had more downloads than twitter in a week that’s how you know that kids would like it,and was the best game in 2016 and that is how Pokemon will save kids and some adults to.

In conclusion I think that we need more things on Pokemon so some people will not be unhealthy.


Bryan Moore

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