Alina M. California

Animal Cruelty

Preventing abuse of animals in homes

Congratulations Mr./Mrs. President!!

Think of a time when you have witnessed someone has been kicked or hit in some way. Now imagine going through that everyday. This is something that abused animals experience every day of their life.  The cruelty of animals is a big problem because it swarms both our country, America, and other countries and causes trauma throughout an animal’s life.

Not only does animal abuse occur in other countries, it also goes on in our own country, even in homes. According to many articles, such as’s “10 countries most cruel to animals”, there are many documented countries that abuse animals. These countries include Greece, China, Bulgaria, Romania, Japan, the Netherlands, and many others. Some of these countries abuse animals simply for the fun of it and don’t really seem to mind at all. Forms of abuse that are commonly used in these countries include; suffocation, physical torture, poisoning, and other brutal forms of torment.

Animals have impeccable memories and the recollection of abuse can affect the animal’s’s article “Six Animals With A Better Memory Than You” shows just a short list of animals that have flawless remembrance and can recall special things. This list includes chimpanzees, sea lions, elephants, octopuses, and cats. This shows that many animals could remember an abuse occurrence especially.

Some people may think that animal abuse is not a big enough issue to “waste our time” on but what’s more important than keeping our animals/pets safe.There are other important issues such as dealing with terrorist groups (such as ISIS), Gun control, and immigration, but I feel that animal abuse could qualify as just as important as some of these issues. I do agree that we need to make sure that we, as a country, are safe, but we also need to keep our pets in mind as well.

So you, as our president may be wondering, what can I do to help? I feel that there should need to be at least some references for people before they can adopt an animal. This way, animal shelters can know whether or not someone is fit to be an owner of an animal, or if the environment will be unsafe for the said animal. Since so many animals have such good memory, even if they are rescued from their misery, it would definitely take time to heal the animals relationships and feelings towards humans. 

Thank you, 

Alina M.


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