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Overpopulation is affecting the Earth.

Dear Future President,

The populations has grown by six million people in the last 200 years. Overpopulation is concerning many people because it is creating a lot more pollution and causing deforestation/destroying animal’s habitat.

Overpopulation is creating a large amount of pollution throughout the whole world because, since there are more man made structures being made it is causing more debris, pollution from humans might be creating a more serious problem that is harming Earth. Pollution is one of the most concerning problems caused by overpopulation. Air pollution can increase risks of lung cancer, asthma, and other lung difficulties. Pollution is caused by humans because of the fossil fuels people burn, littering in general, cars, planes, trains, and power plants. Humans are creating long lasting waste materials that include radioactive waste and carbon dioxide. Landfill owners are becoming concerned about toxic waste secreting out of the landfills and into nearby soil and streams.

Deforestation and animal habitats are being destroyed because the more buildings and unnecessary buildings on Earth, the more space that has to be made by cutting down and removing trees.During the last two decades from human activities more than 120,000 square kilometers of forests have been destroyed each year. Although only one-tenth of deforestation has been regained back by reforestation efforts and re-growth. The process of humans destroying and letting the plants grow back has caused the Earth to have half of the forests than before. In several more developed countries, such as The United States, China, and Russia the forests have been recovering from the times of earlier deforestation. From deforestation studies up to date it seems that the more not populated areas on Earth has less deforestation than other populated areas.

Although, some people think that overpopulation is good for business in populated cities because business owners earn more money and also more populated areas will have more people for if there is a war. Overpopulation in cities attract many successful businesses and money. Many investors invest into big cities because they know that the more people, the more resources and supplies the people are going to need, which then gives the investors more money. The more people in an area the more information the people will know. Overpopulation is good for war because then the people in America will outnumber the opponent. Although overpopulation is still undecided for if it is good or bad.

In conclusion overpopulation is bad and good in its own ways, but it seems as if it is hurting the world more than helping. Overpopulation is causing many problems such as deforestation, pollution, and many other horrible things on Earth. Some day the whole world will finally understand how concerning overpopulation really is. Thank you for reading. 


Kaitlyn B.

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Zhebel - English 8

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