Chaochao L. New York


8% of the citizen of U.S. are born by immigrants parent

Dear president, 

 Although I don't encounter any issue from this society now, but it maybe will come to me in the future. So now, i'm going to talk about the issue that come to the immigrates in this country. This country was a peaceful country, that everyone are have equality, everyone are equal, we can't discrimination other. But there is no punishment for the people that are do bad things to other because of the discrimination to that person. I was talk about this because i am also immigration too, and immigration can help the business in america. However, most of the business in U.S. are making by the immigrants. They make job for everyone that live in U.S. 

One thing happen in New York state was a Chinese police was in assignment in a building, and that day was Sunday no one will be in this building, he hear a movement from other, and he shoot to the wall. The thing that no one will think was that the bullet rebound to another side and shoot a black man. When the news was out, everyone was talk about that Chinese should go into jail, no one said that why this black man will in there, and when Chinese police shoot he doesn't know there was a people! That was a unfair thing for the immigrant in different race. When this happens on the street, that has many Chinese live over there, appear lot graffiti and the concert that are not dry have been wiring word on which is "go back to your china!"

Those things happen lot in U.S. for discrimination. If don't processing it will make a bad result. If the immigrants that come from lot difference country are not equal, friendly live in one place, that will means to broken from that country. If more serious, that will be a world war three happen in future. So please president, do you want to see many country broken the relationship with you? Do you want to see a war happen again, to hurt your citizen? Make it up, to care more, pay more attention on the immigrants. About half of the immigrants were naturalized us citizen. Which means half of the immigrants are your citizens, you should protect them. 


Chaochao Lin

East-West School of International Studies

Government - 6th Period

EWSIS 12th Grade Government - Mr. Jacobson and Mr. Pierini

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