Joshua Wisconsin


Racial Discrimination is a problem in the US.

Dear Future President:

Racism is and has been a worldwide crisis for a very long time. Within the past few years there have been many cases of racial discrimination surfacing on the internet. Many of which consist of an unarmed African-American being shot by police, such as the case of Alfred Olango. In this case, Olango was shot by police suspecting him of carrying a gun but it turned out to be a vaping device. The officers that kill are often not punished. "What's not helping is the police are getting off with a slap on the wrist. ... If it was me, and I was black, and this was happening in my community, I would be furious," explained Deborah Aust, a white woman interviewed by CNN. She also states that the outcome would be different if the man was white, "I mean, give me a break, he wouldn't have done that if the man was white, and that's the problem". In 2015, CNN took a poll asking Americans if they thought racism was a big problem. Of the number of Americans who took the poll, 49% of those thought that racism was a big problem. One out of two Americans believe that racism is a problem. Racism is clearly a problem that needs to be solved but that is easier said than done. The solution to racism would require the cooperation and commitment of everyone and this is the reason why it has always been a problem. The most efficient way to work towards this solution would be someone of power and recognition speaking out about racism and who else has more power than the president in the United States? Whoever the next president is, I ask that you speak out against racism and ask for the cooperation of everyone to end racial discrimination.