Theodore O. Texas

The gender pay gap

Dear Mr/Mrs President, You ever think that society always blames things on someone or something. You don’t make that much money, you blame it on america. Hate culture, as some call it, is a huge part of american culture. Sometimes it’s true though not all the time.But you might be asking what does this have to do with gender wage gap.Well it’s simple, instead of actually work hard you blame it on the “man”. The man is a term used to describe a power that is oppressing you . This phrase was used during the 60s. Although back in the day it was used to describe the government, it means men, old and new. Men are not the root of all evil, nor women. Misinformation is the evil in this situation. So you need to do,stop spreading lies. You’re polluting the water You might ask yourself well what truth about this “myth” because as we know that myths stem from the truth. It is true that women earn less than men in the office about 77% of men wage. There’s many articles that say that women don’t have as many hours as men because they have responsibilities like raising a family; this is true. This are really the only truths in this whole thing.This is bad because it means more misinformation is being spread than actual facts. The myth is so bad that in fact there was a day to it. So if that’s all the truths what’s the lies? Well one of the biggest lies is the fact that it’s man’s fault. “It’s sexism” they claim, well that’s not true. The claim that women only get paid 77% of what they earn also goes along with it. The truth is that it’s actually the women that do it. It’s their chooses they make that makes the static,so they only EARN keyword earn that much. How would you feel if worked 10 hours but you got the same amount of pay for the person who worked 8 hours. You feel it was unfair because they were given an unfair advantage. Well this what people are pushing for to make it so that your hard work doesn’t matter. You know why this is? People to make women out to be some how the weaker sex that need help. It’s true that, “ Men are more likely to choose careers that are more dangerous,so naturally they get paid more.” Although I’ve explained my opinion there are still going to not believe me for one simple reason, they saw a study that showed that women only get paid 77% of what men make. To this I say to never trust anything that’s online without researching into it first. Most of the sites that show this statics are very biased with most of their articles. What they should say is that women on average earn less than men. At this point it sounds like I’m beating on a dead horse saying the same thing. This the many problem with the statement women get paid less. Yes they do, but it’s because they work less. Now a days, little boys are being told that they should feel bad because they were born male. You, being the smart person you are, think of this as being bad towards the self esteem of the boy. Well in Australia in some schools they’re required to learn about women’s oppression and how it’s somehow their fault it. This is the example of what you will do if you make it so that women are paid more than men. Then man will be the oppressed ones. After making oppressed, no one will help them, you know why? It’s because they’re a man and it’s going to be seen as sexist, but it’s going to be seen as justice against the oppressors. And you know why this is going to happen, it’s because people still spread the lie.It’s not equality if it makes one side more powerful than the other. So Mr/Mrs President I ask you not as a man or a women that you please stop this lie that all men are trying to oppress women.