Alize B. Texas

Gun Control

We could have less gun violence problems if...

Dear Future President,

I believe that gun control is a major issue that needs to be addressed. There are over 100,000 deaths yearly due to gun violence. Surprisingly only 18 states require a background check before purchasing a gun from any seller, this needs to be changed. I believe that every state should make it mandatory for a background check to be aware of the type of person they are selling to. They could be mentally ill or even depressed and these people shouldn't be able to carry a firearm. A Psychological test should be mandatory as well, before a gun purchase. The purpose of the test is to calculate any traits, feelings,beliefs, abilities that may cause people's situations. They may also tell if the individual is suffering from depression, anxiety, anger management or stress. knowing this about a buyer can determine if they are worth of obtaining a weapon such as a gun. With these fixed, I strongly believe that we would have less of a percentage of deaths due to gun violence. I'm not saying to get rid of every gun in America or not allow anyone to purchase one, but there should be strict policy to prevent more people from purchasing them due to reasonings. Please change the conditions of purchasing a weapon to further help our country.


Alize Benavides