Arya A. Texas

Alternative Energy Resources

I believe we should increase our budget on renewable energy technologies.

Dear Future President,

It is a responsibility as humans to take care of our environment. The only way we can truly do this is by increasing the budget on renewable energy technologies. The fossil fuels that we use now are too unreliable because we are using fuels that took hundreds of millions of years to form. We are consuming those fuels in a matter of years. Renewable energy on the other hand is very stable because it relies on everyday activities like the sun shining or water flowing to provide energy. I believe that not only does our country’s future lies in the hands of renewable energy technologies, but the world’s.

One important factor to take into hand is oil. Oil is depleting fast, and by fast I mean we can fill up an olympic swimming pool every 15 seconds with oil! Oil is accounted for 40 percent of all energy needs and 90 percent of transportation fuel. The rate we use oil and the rate of how dependent on oil we are is too high. We need to start thinking about the future, so we are prepared when we run out of oil. We can never get back our fossil fuels because they take hundreds of millions of years to form, and that is where renewable energies come in.

Renewable energy is the most reliable energy source that we have right now because of how easy it is to create energy with it. Renewable energy is also environment-friendly because of the particularly low greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels. It also has a low cost operation and is cheaper to maintain. The U.S. will also create millions of jobs with the creation of renewable energy infrastructure. Even Senator Bernie Sanders has said that “A dramatic expansion of solar break our dependence on foreign oil, reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, improve our geopolitical position, and create good-paying green jobs.”

Some people may say that we would need a lot of land to produce a great amount of energy, but this is not the case. According to MIT authors, if we wanted to provide one-third of American’s energy with solar energy, we would need just about 4,000 - 11,000 square kilometers. If we devoted all the golf courses in the U.S. to solar energy we could provide one-thirds of America's energy! Powering one-third of the country with wind energy would just require 2,000 square kilometers. Small countries in Europe have even been switching to renewable resources, and they haven’t run into much problems. I believe we can switch to renewable resources without much problems.

I believe we should increase our budget on renewable energy technologies.

Not only will this help us environmentally, this will also benefit us economically. Renewable resources will be replacing unreliable fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and creating millions of jobs. I hope you take my ideas into hand.


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