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Less Gun Control?

Dear Future President,

I’d like to congratulate you on winning the 2016 election. I’m a freshman in high school, and although I’m young, I feel like I could share some knowledge that could potentially protect the lives of the American people, which is pertaining to gun control. I feel gun control should be decreased, mainly because it could provide extra protection for normal citizens, and at the end of the day, criminals don’t care about gun laws.

The first reason I feel gun control should be decreased is that more people having guns would give more protection. For example, if a criminal were to threaten or attempt to hurt you or someone close, you would be able to protect yourself and the others around you. More people having guns also means the less likely of a criminal to rob or hurt you. And with the amount of terrorist attacks that have occurred in the recent years, having a gun would definitely help. One may argue that people having more guns would cause more violence, and though I understand that, I disagree because more guns could mean more protection from criminals.

To further support my claim for less gun control, I think increasing gun control wouldn’t get dangerous weapons out of the hands of criminals. I mean, they’re criminals, they don’t care whether there’s a gun law in place or not. If they want to wreck havoc, then they’re going to do it. Also, increasing wouldn’t help stop much of weapon purchases, as many people get weapons second hand or illegally from illegal dealers to the black market. A fair argument would be that we could at least do more background checks, but once again I disagree, as I believe it’s a pointless, unnecessary step for law abiding citizens.

Now to wrap things up, gun control being decreased could greatly impact the lives of U.S citizens for the good. Once again, it adds an extra layer of safety from ruthless criminals and these criminals will get weapons no matter what, there’s no avoiding that, criminals will always find a workaround. The reason I stand this strongly about this topic is because I care about America and its citizens, and I think this would benefit. Thank you so much for your time Mr./Mrs. President, I hope I had at least a little influence on a big problem we’re facing today.



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