Vikram R. Texas

Technology in Transportation Needs to Improve!

This is a letter about the current flaws for technology in transportation and what needs to be fixed and how it could.

Austin, TX

November 8, 2016

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

An issue that I’ve taken a recent interest in is the technology in transportation. It’s not the most important, but it is something that can be developed in the next four years. The technology in transportation must be improved! One example is self-driving cars. Self-driving cars have caused many deaths and are not trusted enough by people in the US.

Many crashes have been caused because of self-driven cars. Their sensors aren’t always smart enough to find other moving cars and cause wrecks. Most cars can’t stop by themselves and drivers/passengers are killed. More than ⅔ of the people in America don’t trust self driven cars. Certain people can’t drive, but need to get around their city. Imagine an old grandma that needs to go to the doctor, but there’s no one that can take her. If a car was safe enough for her to trust she would be able to go to the doctor without even having to drive. Sure, she can get a taxi or an Uber, but some people don’t have good taxi companies in their area. The people who work on these sensors need to improve to where the sensors can sense moving objects away from them.

Another problem is the GPS System in cars. Over 600,000,000 people have GPS systems and Many GPS systems are not very well set up and can’t reach the destination that drivers need to go to. Many people are either lost or stranded because their GPS System is poor. Certain systems can’t read a certain area and systems aren’t updated to the buildings in the world today. Many people need instructions to go somewhere. There are places where people are stranded because they won’t have a clue on where to go. GPS Satellites should receive updates every few months because of the huge amount of construction. People can say that they should use the GPS on their phone, but going on a phone while driving is unsafe. Even if they set it up before, phone maps have led people to areas that they shouldn’t cross.

The technology in transportation has come really far, but really needs to improve. This may be a topic that isn’t the most important, but is still something that affects people who will have cars in the future. Apart from this topic, I wish you a great term in the White House.



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