Trenae C. Alabama

Broken Schools

Schools need a change, students need a push.

Dear Future President,

The school system has been the same for years. There are technical advances all around: cars are becoming faster, phones are becoming  smarter, and computers are improving everyday. With every  advancement, there is a brain behind it that successfully worked a little bit harder. Yet, in schools we are still sitting in the same prison-like rows as students did fifty years ago.

Schools should be advancing and improving just as everything around us. Instead of judging children on how fast they can count to ten, schools should incorporate reason and creativity. The same nudge that ignited a spark in Steve Jobs' brain should be implemented with our students. The nudge could potentially be the spark of a cure for cancer. The nudge could potentially ignite a lingering idea from the student in the back of the room. The same student failing calculus could have the mind of Einstein. Until there is a push, the idea will stay an idea. 

Schools need to change. Sadly, the foundation of today's youth is learning how to eat information and purge it later. 


Trenae (a concerned student)