Brody P. Montana

Sinister Stagnation

Readily available technologies are not being supported, and it's become a very urgent issue. All that we need to solve the problem is a little bit of support from someone who sits in a fancier chair than the rest of us.

October 19, 2016

Dear Mr/Mrs. President

My goal is to have you acknowledge this issue, and fully understand it. I believe this nation has been halted by an enormous roadblock of creativity, innovation, and ambition. I look around my town of Billings, Montana, and all I see is people repeating things that’ve already been done, and just trying to do them better. There is nothing inherently wrong with doing that, but it becomes a problem when it’s the only thing we’re doing. I’m not trying to tell you what to do, and I will never claim that I know anything about being the president. I actually just want to beg you to do SOMETHING. There is one topic in particular that I think is in urgent need of attention, and I hope you’ll have some similar feelings on the issue. Even though I may not know anything about being president, I will stand passionately by my opinion that if you choose to have a stagnant presidency, you may cripple this nation, and may be viewed as a “bad” president. With that in mind, I plead you to just take action, be ambitious, be selfless, and be a president who represents the people’s ideas. If you accomplish that during your term, you may go down as one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had.

I know that you alone, do not have the power to fix any of these issues, I’m just begging you to not hinder these issues, and do your best to promote the people working to fix them. The enormous issue that I want to focus on in this letter is alternative energy and the effects it could have on America in particular. I’ve seen some progress come to fruition in this field but it seems to be slow and unsupported. Just recently we have actually started rallying around solar roof panels, despite them being commercially available in 2005. Solar power seems to be very promising and reliable. I don’t need to delve too much into the specifics on alternative energy’s benefits because it’s largely unnecessary. At this point it’s obvious that we have to ability to try something new, and it’s obvious why we haven’t been trying something new.

Please, take this risk Mr./Mrs. President. No matter your agenda and your ideas, if you can get past the convoluted politics, and the stubborn big wigs in industries competing with alternative energy, you’re likely to be one of the most positively influential people in this nation’s history. Changing to alternative energy will literally revolutionize how we live our lives, solar power in particular seems capable of being incorporated into many facets of our everyday lives. It’s common knowledge by now that alternative energy could be more efficient and clean, so it’s painful to see it being hindered.

Where you can really come in is supporting this issue to be solved. Push a policy that favors people who make changes to alternative energy. Give incentives to people who are already in fields like oil if they focus on the non-energy-producing products, or offer them alternative jobs. Make it easy for people to welcome alternative energy. Don’t make it this scary technology that will disrupt people’s lifestyles and steal their jobs. You have the power to paint a picture of alternative energy for the nation where it’s seen as a symbol of hope and American innovation.

Most importantly, let me tell you this. The most painful, unfortunate, and most likely possibility that I can imagine, is that you will not support this during your presidency, and another nation will take this opportunity, and we will become dependent on that nation. This is why alternative energy is an urgent issue like I stated earlier. This is why I’m writing you this letter. I love America, we’ve done amazing things when we’ve worked together, but lately I’ve been very worried. All that I ask, is that you do not hinder alternative energy, in order to do that you’ll have to take some action to support it and give it a fighting chance among our other industries. If you can do this it will only be to everyone’s benefit, of that I’m sure. You will be seen as an incredible president, America will be seen as a great nation, and every person could benefit from a cleaner environment, and more efficient everyday tasks.

I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, hope that someone takes this letter to heart, and I hope it makes some difference among the other thousands of letters i’m sure were sent. I’ll be anxiously awaiting what will happen during that next presidency, best of luck whoever you may be, I hope it will be a term that transforms America for the better.

Best wishes,

Brody P.

Billings, Montana

Billings Public Library

TA - Billings, MT

TA - Billings, MT

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