Austin, DC Missouri


Hacking is bad and can happen to anyone including big companies you trust with not getting hacked. Then, they get hacked and you're like, "oh no, I just lost all my money because this hacker stole my credit card information."

Dear President,

Hacking is a big problem that the government doesn’t even help with. Hacking not only invades privacy, but it also can mean losing your identity and everything you own. You think it won’t happen to you, but what will you do if it does.

You may think big companies are hack proof, but wait until you hear about this, “Nintendo has been hacked and Sony has been hacked twice.” These are big companies and not only did Sony get hacked once, but twice. What if people had all their info like their credit card numbers, where they live, and their birthday. Now what’s theirs is the hackers.

Anonymous is a great example of how hacks can be used to learn anything. Anonymous has done some good and bad things, “ occurred with the purported sex scandal that engulfed Wikileaks founder Julian Assange almost immediately after his organization released one of its most powerful treasure troves of classified documents exposing classified U.S. State Department Cables in late 2010.” I mean the government isn’t even safe and they’re doing nothing about except ignore it and keep on keepin’ on.

One thing you might be thinking is that if you get hacked and your info is leaked the government will do something, right? No because, “These “hacking back” techniques are becoming increasingly appealing to companies… Companies employing these techniques, however, need to consider potential legal exposure and ethical issues... ” Basically companies don’t want to get in trouble with the law, so they won’t even try to put hackers to justice. Think about that next time you get hacked and blame the law for not having a law or force that protects you from hackers stealing everything from you.

Not only is hacking bad, but you can hack almost anyone or anything. Hacking not only invades privacy, but it also can stop pacemakers, control stoplights, or even steal your identity. This is why I kindly ask you Mr.President to look into making America safe again.

My best wishes, Austin