Pranav N. Texas

Why we Must Fund for Technology

Persuasive letter to the next President urging to fund for technology in schools

Dear Mr./Madam President,

Envision a reality where people don’t have access to educational technology. A reality where the wealthy communities prosper and the poor ones are left behind. Unfortunately, that’s what our world is like. The most imperative issue that our country is facing is the lack of educational technology in low-income communities. Mr./Madam President your first priority is to increase funding for technology in poor schools across America. Technology provides teachers with effective educational tools, and it builds research, collaboration, and study skills.

Students always struggle to grasp the main idea of some concepts in school. Increasing funding for technology allows teachers to provide a range of online material that engage the student. Computers especially expose children to new ways of thinking using both their creative and logical thought processes. Math, Science, English, and other subjects can be incorporated into lesson plans in interesting ways for students of all ages. Research shows that introducing technology to kids at an early age can prepare them for future careers which will inevitably include the use of wireless technology. Data also shows that 71 percent of the US population uses technology at the age of 3. Whether this may be phones, tablets, laptops, etc. the idea is that children already utilize technology at a young age, so by bringing this technology to schools it will motivate them to learn just as effective as how they entertain themselves at home.

Although some people may argue that extended periods of time in front of electronic screens strains your eyesight, this is not entirely true. Students will be researching and studying on these devices to gain knowledge on certain topics. They aren’t just playing games on their phones. There is a difference between playing and studying online. Research shows that playing games online increases visual stress. Furthermore, students can take breaks periodically to rest their eyes. Teachers can even plan ahead to make sure that the amount of time allotted to use technology is appropriate.

The whole objective of school is to prepare students for their future careers, and what better way is there to do this without integrating technology into their learning environments. It creates an atmosphere of collaboration by encouraging the students to ask a classmate about how to do a certain task. “I've seen kids helping each other a lot at the computer. The ones that pick it up faster, they love teaching it to someone that doesn't know it yet” says one fifth grade teacher. Students also stress out over tests and major projects. Technology in the classroom allows the teacher to implement online review games that the student can play to feel confident, calm, and prepared for these major unit tests. As for projects, educational technology provides the student with numerous amounts of websites and articles to obtain information on their topic. In fact, 75 percent of students at Oklahoma State University concluded that technology in the classroom has enhanced their learning experience. All of these skills will help prepare them for their future career, and by including technology in their classrooms anyone can inherit these skills.

I congratulate you for becoming the 45th president of the United States of America. Many young students admire you and strive to achieve success like you. Help them achieve this success by increasing funding for educational technology in communities that are so unfortunate enough to not have access to it. It will provide effective online tools to students, and improve their research, collaboration, and study skills. Mr./Madam President increase funding for technology in schools to prepare students for their future careers.

Yours faithfully,

Pranav N.

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