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Invest in Tablets Rather than Textbooks

For students, textbooks are too heavy to carry around and are soon outdated. With tablets, all the same information and more is available without the weight.

Dear future president,

The issue of tablets vs. textbooks has been a debate for many people. Some people want tablets to replace textbooks, and others want to keep textbooks, and not rely on tablets. This country has conflicted views on this issue. I, as well as many others, believe that tablets should replace textbooks.

Some school districts have already made the transition from textbooks to tablets. The Los Angeles Unified school district made this transition, and spent 30 million dollars buying 35,000 iPads. This school district is the second largest in the country. Some smaller ones had already made the transition before the Los Angeles school district had, like Guilford County school district in North Carolina. I believe this country benefits with better education, and replacing textbooks with tablets is a good way to achieve that. I believe school districts should replace their textbook with tablets all across the country.

Some arguments against tablets say that they are expensive, easy to break, and people are more likely to steal them. Textbooks fall apart very easily, are often lost, are very expensive, and very heavy. In an article on CBSNEWS, called “Schools shift from textbooks to tablets”, it says, “Discovery’s lessons - branded “Techbooks” that run between $38 and $55 per student for a six-year subscription. The average traditional textbook is $70 per student.” Tablets are less expensive than textbooks considering that they can hold hundreds of textbooks on one tablet. Textbooks are lost very often, and, according to most teacher’s policies, they are taken out of the classroom. Tablets are more likely to be stolen than a textbook. Teachers should have a policy that prevents students from being able to steal tablets, such as monitoring students, and keeping track of the tablets and where they are at all times.

One issue that people might have with this transition, is that most teachers do not have a lot of experience with teaching with tablets. That might prevent teachers from using the tablets as much as they would if they knew how to use them. Teachers should get proper training if their classroom gets tablets. Most teachers use electronics in everyday life, but rarely do they have to involve teaching with electronics. In an article on neaToday, called “As more schools embrace tablets, do textbooks have a fighting chance?”, it says, “Some say that students do better with tablets, because it empowers them to take charge of their own learning.”

Another major factor in the fight for tablets, is that tablets are much lighter than textbooks. Students have to carry their textbooks around with them, and it is very bad for young people’s backs. When developing spines have a lot of weight on them, it causes them to bend. When the spine is bent it is called scoliosis. It is very bad, and young people should not have scoliosis this early in their life. There is no cure, but there is treatment that may help. It can last for years, or your entire life.

Many people, and I, agree that education is very important. Without education, this country could not grow and become the best it can be. Replacing textbooks with tablets is an important way to help education become better. Investing in replacing textbooks may be expensive, but will be worth it, and education will improve greatly.



Classen School of Advanced Studies

Classen SAS 8th Grade English

Students from Ms. Sutton's 8th grade English classes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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