Olivia C. California

Animal Abuse

Animal abuse is a deadly action that can change an animals life permanently.

Dear Future President,

Every minute, every day, there are animals suffering from animal abuse. Animal abuse is an important issue where innocent animals are being tortured and harmed by their owner or other people and not being taken care of responsibly. For example, starving or physically hurting an animal is considered animal abuse. People who are animal abusers may neglect their pet’s basic needs, physically and emotionally harm them with harsh actions, or use their pets for animal fighting, such as dog fights or cock fights. According to ASPCA, about 7.6 million companion animals are abused each year. Despite the fact that animal abuse is against the law, people still think that they can treat animals with neglect and cruelty. Animal abuse is a harmful action that affects animals throughout the world.

Animal abuse is a deadly action that can affect many animals, but mainly cats and dogs. This issue has a great impact on an animal's trust of others. This is because cats and dogs are companion animals and it is common for the abuser sometimes take advantage of them (Wisconsin Humane Society). For example, my Grandpa has a dog named Rosie, that was found in an abandoned car, during the winter. When she was found, her fur was rough and grey like elephant skin. However, she was soon brought to a local shelter where she was taken care of by the shelter workers and well fed. When my Grandpa adopted her, she was very timid and hesitant when people approached her. Likewise, cats who have been abused usually feel timid as well, and stray away from any human contact. Also, animal abuse can affect children because they witness the negative interactions. As a result, children who see animal abuse are three times more likely to play a role in this abusive action later in their lives (Wisconsin Humane Society). The latest research suggests that animal abuse has an effect that potentially puts children at greater risk of being affected by learning disorders or depression (Mail & Guardian). Lastly, animal abuse affects wildlife because stray and abandoned animals begin to mate and create wild dogs and cats that roam the streets and increases the population of homeless animals.

To solve this issue, we could encourage people to spay and neuter their animals, so their pet does not have any unwanted babies. If the owner were to not neuter and spay their animal, the owner would probably end up not taking care of each responsibly, and sometimes the owner will release some into the wild where they can get diseases or starve and suffer. Also, according to The Humane Society, spaying and neutering your pet will reduce the number of stray pets killed or put in shelters where they are later killed to make room for other animals. Lastly, spaying and neutering animals will help fight pet overpopulation or abuse. This means that people will not have the urge to kill or abuse some of the population. Approximately 2.7 million animals are killed at shelters each year, due to the sheer fact that there are not enough willing adopters and because the shelters are too full.

Another way we could solve this issue, we could educate students and children now, so in the future they do not grow up and abuse animals. You could urge the schools to integrate animal abuse as a topic in the curriculum. In Greenville, South Carolina, elementary schools have included a program called Speak For Animals, where the humane volunteers work directly with the schools and community to provide education and awareness of the challenges that animals face each day. We can teach them to respect animals, and our generation can be great role models by being patient with animals, feeding them, and spending time with them. Children should learn the affects abuse has on animals and the consequences of their actions. For instance, whipping, burning, and engaging animals in fights for entertainment is against the law and is punishable with time in prison. According to the National PTA Congress, “Children trained to extend justice, kindness, and mercy to animals become more just, kind, and considerate in their relations to each other.” Children should know that they can make a difference in the lives of animals by treating them with compassion and care.

Animal abuse is a major issue that can harm animals severely, and have a negative impact on their life. Animals throughout the world suffer from abuse each day. It is important not to abuse animals because animals are a part of society, just like humans. As a community, it is our responsibility to encourage people to spay and neuter their animals and educate people about this worldwide issue in order to stop the abuse of animals.



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