Allen L. California

Education Costs

It's expensive!!!!

Dear Donald,

          On average graduates of colleges have a 28,000 dollar debt when they graduate. All of this is because of high education costs. Every parent wants to see their child go to a four year school, but those four year schools cost about 10,000 dollars or more. The average middle class family makes 60-100 thousand dollars a year so 10,000 dollars is a big deal. We need to fix this, education should be wanted not expensive. 

          High education costs are leaving graduates with crushing debts. High level university school tuition costs are over 40,000 dollars just for one year. Most of the time kids go to the high level university schools for four years and most kids don't have 160,000 dollars just sitting around. This price doesn't even cover housing or food. I talked to my grandmother and she didn't have to worry about the price of college, all she had to pay for was her books.  This has clearly changed since the 1960's.  

          One way to change this would be a national scholarship test. This test would contain questions the universities created, so that way the test would be hard and easy for all. The higher the score you get, the larger scholarship you get. This would work because it's very similar to what the private schools do. Private schools normally make you take a test before you can be accepted in, so this test would be similar because instead of being accepted you get a scholarship. 

          So, high education costs are destroying graduates and middle class families. We need to solve this; education should be something you want to get not something you turn down because of the expense. So Donald you need to have a national scholarship test or at least try to fix this problem because this is a problem worth fixing. 

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