Syrian Conflict

Why we should resolve the Syrian conflict

Dear Mr President,

Due to the continuing Syrian conflict there has been a steadily rising number of casualties in Syria which is around 400,000 now and it has displaced more than 11 million civilians. These civilians are now seeking refugee in other nations which is causing US citizens to fear them due to the chance that some of them might be terrorist coming into our country. So i believe that America has to find a way to safely let the refugees into our country our to stop the Syrian conflict and send them back. If we can succeed in either way or in another effective way we can extinguish the fear in american citizens.

The main area of this conflict throughout the 5 years is in Aleppo where there is the conflict between The regime (Syrian government) which currently have Russia and China supporting the regime. There are the Syrian rebels which currently the US is supporting but we currently have no deployed soldiers in Syria. Also there is Jihadist groups currently fighting in Aleppo which the US and Russia are helping fight mainly providing airstrikes. Up to now there have been 90,000 civilian deaths which 90% have been due to the Syrian regime.

This whole problem that is causing american civilians distress started due to the torture and arrest of teenagers who painted quotes on a school in the southern city of Deraa. After they open fired on demonstrators killing some aggravating more people. The unrest caused widespread protests demanding the resignation of their president Assad. The government's attempt to disperse the rioting made it even worse, this caused some to bear weapons first to defend than to expel the forces from their vicinity. The violence soon escalated into a civil war which started to form rebel brigades that fought the Syrian government for control of cities and country sides.

This Syrian conflict is affecting many countries that are not even part of the civil war due to the mass amounts of refugees. But mostly it is affecting the civilians from Syria as i stated before 11 million displaced and 90,000 dead. This conflict up rooted them from them homes and the ones who have stayed get bombed or caught in crossfire. These people are homeless and trying to find refugee first in the neighboring countries like Jordan which has taken 1.25 million refugees. Than go to European countries like Germany which has taken in 600,00 million refugees or they are making the decision to try to go to the US which have only taken 10,000. The reason we have taken so little is due to the fact american citizens are scared and we need to fix that not to fear anything because you Mr. President need to find a safe way to filter Syrian refugees.

So, Mr. President, as I say again, you need to find a way to safely filter refugees into our country. Or you need to resolve the Syrian conflict and send back the refugees to calm the American civilians nerves. Or if you find a more effective quicker way you may use that to resolve the fear of american citizens. So we need to find a way to resolve this conflict to stop american fear, the mass murder of Syrian Civilians. Also we can stop the millions and growing number of Syrian refugees that are homeless and have no possession wandering looking for shelter.