Andrew E.

The Plastic Ban Issue

We need to do something else other than banning plastic bags.

The Plastic Bag Issue

Dear Mr.President, we need to address an upcoming problem that might affect our low income families. The problem is how we are starting to ban plastic bags in some states. The plastic bag ban is a subject that is talked about by lots of people. If we ban them from stores some people can't afford to pay 10 cents a bag or buy a reusable bag. Everyone has different opinions to this but no matter the person's opinion we should address this issue another way other than banning the bags from every store.

The ban on plastic bags affected my neighborhood pretty fast. When me and my dad went to the store one day we were buying some stuff and they asked if you wanted a bag for 10 cents. We were both shocked by this because we didn't expect the ban to affect our area that fast. I bet everyone at the store was surprised too when they said it would cost 10 cents to get a bag. Ever since that day mostly every store you had to pay for a bag if you wanted one.

The reason why people want to ban plastic bags is that the bags always end up in the ocean. Every environmentalist will say the same but we don't need to take an action that big of size. It seems like an exaggeration to ban plastic bags from every store and that's where you come in Mr.President. We can not ban plastic bags from existence because it's already a part of how we live. You also got to think about how it will affect more of our low income families and how they can’t afford to pay 10 cents every time they go to the store or have enough to buy a reusable bag.

This ban on plastic bags is not a california only thing. This takes place nationwide and right now it affects the quarter of the United States. One news article even said banning the plastic bags will have an increase in shoplifting in stores. The actions we can take as citizens to stop the banning of plastic bags is by putting more laws into force.

The laws we can put in force is greater fines to people that leave there trash bags at the beaches or other places. We can also have special trash cans specifically for only plastic bags. You Mr.President can also decide if plastic bags become free nationwide and by doing so it will let everyone be able to have bags

In conclusion we are not helping anyone by banning the plastic bags from most popular stores. Everyone does not have the luxury of paying 10 cents a bag or buying a reusable bag. Mr. President only you can stop this from becoming a bigger issue than it already is. None of this will happen unless you make it happen Mr.President.