Jason V. California

Protection around Terrorism

We should increase protection around terrorism

Dear Future President,

Would you want something like 9/11 to happen again? Every year, over 8,500 terrorist attacks occur all around the world. Over the past couple years, there have been many notable terrorist attacks. The issue I am addressing to you is about increasing protection around terrorist attacks. We should increase protection around terrorism so something like 9/11 never happens again.

The United States should increase protection around terrorism. It affects everyone and makes them feel that the citizens are not protected. One example is the September 11 Twin Towers. There were 2759 people that died and 8700 injured people. Two airplanes crashed into the twin towers, one into the World Trade Center, and one in a field Another example is in the San Bernardino attack, 16 people were killed and 23 injured. A mass shooting and a bombing was attempted. The final example is the bombings of the Boston marathon. There were three deaths and 264 deaths.

My solution is to increase protection around transportation, landmarks, and important events. One example is to start thoroughly checking passengers before they go on to transportation, such as trains. One train bombing was the Brussels bombing. There were 35 deaths and 340 injured in three suicide bombings at an airport and a bombing in a subway station. Another example is to increase protection around landmarks. The final example is to increase protection around important events, such as the Boston Marathon. After the massacre, 3 people were dead and 264 injured just as the race was about to finish.

Everyone in the United States doesn’t want anymore terrorism. Every year, people die from bombings and mass shootings because of terrorists We need to increase protection around terrorist acts. Protection around terrorism is important because no one in the United States wants to feel like they are targeted. Ever since the attack on the twin towers, America has protected against terrorism, but not enough, as many attacks have occurred. That is why I want you, future president, to increase protection around terrorism dramatically so we can put an end to terrorism finally.


Jason Vo 

Peterson Middle School

8th Grade ELA

Middle School students from 8th Grade English

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