Fatih S. California

Gun Control

Gun control a big issue in the U.S. ever since gang violence and crime was a problem a solution that could help reduce the number of innocent deaths in the United States.

Dear Mr President, 

          Over 30,000 people die to guns annually in the U.S. alone. Gun control is a huge controversy ever since the increase of crime and gang actions, it is also on the 2016 ballot as prop. 63. So what is prop. 63? Proposition 63 is a law that makes it so that individuals who attempt to purchase ammunition must go through heavy and thorough background checks along with banning large capacity magazines. Guns should not still be a problem in our country, and a law or ban on guns/ammunition is past overdue.

          This issue impacts everyone, you never know when someone could show up on your doorstep with a firearm. Although laws like proposition 63 are a step in the right direction the U.S. could do better. On the other side many gun owners believe that laws on guns is an attack on the second amendment (right to bare arms), and that this law is taking away one of their rights. This law affects every gun owner in California because without ammunition guns render useless. Where the real problem starts is with crime and gangs. With gun violence all over the country bans/laws on ammunition crime soon might not be a problem.

          A solution to gun violence is stricter laws on anything to do with guns or ammunition. Prop. 63 is a good example on how to approach the problem by putting the law on the 2016 election ballot. Other states could also make these types of laws. Without large amounts of ammunition, guns can't be used as much, another law could be the amount of ammunition you can buy in a year which could be easily limited. Now there is going to be another problem starting with the black-market which also has to be addressed with people illegally buying guns and ammo. Gun control doesn't have to be a problem if states make laws and bans on guns.

          Guns do not have to be a problem if states approve laws on guns and ammunition with examples like proposition 63 which limits the capacity of ammunition of magazines. Also strict laws on guns could make the black-market's illegal guns not so much of a problem. I hope you use your power to help solve the many problems along with gun control being one of the top priorities.



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