Laila California

Climate Change and Global Warming

Global warming and climate change are real, current, and man-made. We need to be the ones to fix the issue.

Dear Future President,

Extreme hurricanes. Severe droughts. Massive flooding. All of it is happening right before our eyes, in all parts of the world, and the problem will only get worse. Global warming. Climate change. Greenhouse gases, the majority of which are man created, build up around the Earth and trap heat in the atmosphere, warming the world and leading to climate change. Climate change is real, it's current, and it's man-made. We need to be the ones to fix it.

Climate change is the hurricane that was worse than before. It's the drought that never ends, and the flood that steals people's lives. It affects everyone. Everyone around the globe, in every country, every continent. And not just humans. Polar bears in Antarctica are drowning with no solid ice to live on. The heat from global warming has melted the glaciers and made the still surviving ice too fragile and small for polar bears to stand on. People all around the world have been left homeless with their houses soaked throughout. Global warming heats up the air, and hotter air holds more moisture, resulting in worse storms and heavier rainfall. Droughts are also caused and are harmful to many populations throughout the world. With global warming, wet places get more water, and dry places get even less, resulting in extreme floods and extreme droughts.

We can solve this issue, just as we created it. We must use cleaner ways to get energy. We rely too much on coal that releases greenhouse gases and refineries that do the same. If we could switch to renewable and clean ways of getting energy that people already use, we would be helping the Earth's atmosphere get cleaner, and inspire other countries to do the same. We can use wind energy. This is a very clean way to get energy and it is also renewable. Wind will never run out, and is a natural occurrence whether we use it to get energy or not. Using solar energy is another way that we can take something naturally occurring and turn it into a way to get energy. Nuclear power plants also don't release any greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and instead steam. These ways of getting energy are already widely used around the world and we can wean ourselves off of coal and oil electricity and use these environmentally safe ways of getting energy.

Global warming and climate change are issues that affect everyone around the world. We, humans, need to be the ones to take initiative and fix the problem we've created that doesn't just endanger us, but animals around the globe as well. We need to transition to clean energy, and we need to do it now.