Kyle H. California

Pollution Is The Biggest Killer Out There

We’re wasting our chance on Planet Earth… It’s time to take action.

Environmental issues have been growing while action to stop it hasn’t. Pollution causes global warming, extinction, and natural disasters, a few of the many of environmental problems the world faces today. Many species could go extinct in a few generations, and it may be too late to stop it. That’s why I’m asking for your help now, to change all of this.

A major environmental problem we face today is pollution of the oceans. Plastic litter is filling up our seas. There is a vortex of trash the size of Texas in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Plastic breaks into smaller pieces, but it never biodegrades. Marine animals ingest plastic which leads to death. An example of this is the Laysan and Black-footed albatross, species of seabirds native to the North Pacific islands. Plastic from around the world is carried by ocean currents into their habitat. Albatross eat so much plastic that they starve because the plastic clogs their digestive tract. The majority of the albatross species is endangered. Another example of pollution of the oceans is oil spills. Oil rigs in the ocean sometimes leak and massive amounts of crude oil pollute the oceans, killing marine life from plankton and algae to otters, sea turtles, and dolphins.

Another form of pollution is atmospheric pollution. Coal burning factories around the globe release smoke and fumes into the air. Smoke is mainly composed of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases build up in the atmosphere, trapping heat and slowly melting ice all over the world. Sea levels have been, are, and will continue to rise the more we pollute the air. The ozone layer that protects all living organisms from harmful radiation is thinning. Byproducts from burning natural gases react with the ozone, causing its depletion. Global warming also results in extreme weather, like hurricanes, which are one of the main causes in poverty from natural disasters.

A third category of pollution is land pollution. Soil contamination can occur from mining, oil drilling, landfills, and agrochemicals. This kills the good bacteria in soil, which is essential for agriculture and farming. Soil contamination results in an unsanitary environment for humans.

After hearing so much about pollution, here are some answers to the problem. One way is to increase recycling and reusing. Reusable water bottles and grocery bags are some examples. Even using paper bags and cups can eliminate plastic waste, and decompose back into the environment. One of the best ways is to use renewable or clean energy. Solar power makes the sun’s rays into clean electricity without pollution. Wind and water turbines use moving air or water to create electricity, with no pollution. Coal and oil will eventually run out soon, so electric cars could be the future. Future President, why not take this chance to make our world a better, cleaner place.


Kyle H.

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