Joleen L. California

All lives matter?

Some people are contradicting the movement Black Lives Matter with "All lives matter" which is not the issue at hand.


Yes, all lives do matter, but in the context of continuous police brutality, specifically targeted at black people, that is the more important issue. As someone said "saying 'all lives matter' when the BLM movement is going on is like going to a cancer run and saying 'you know there are other diseases too'" which rudely distracts from the whole point of it. In order to fix the overall issue of unnecessary deaths, we need to fix one of the bigger issues first. Granted that when some citizens were overcome with grief, they resorted to killing cops as well but if they weren't spurred on in the first place, it wouldn't have happened, which is why we should prevent the causes and not punish the effects. The racism that a lot of people still hold deep in their chests, needs to be diminished and judgement should not be stuck to, because how do you find it in yourself to completely hate one race? Do people blame the actions of few to generalize the behaviors of all? You cannot hate someone simply on the color of their skin or what they look like. It is the older generations that stick to harboring racism, and a lot of the younger generations see this issue and provide a more positive outlook in the future, but that doesn't mean actions shouldn't be made now.