Camille R.

Gun Violence in our Streets

My letter to the next president is on gun violence and taking illegal guns off the streets.

Dear Next President,

Imagine you getting a call 2:45 in the morning saying your brother has been shot and is fighting for his life. Then you get to the hospital you find out he has already died.Many kids are dying at the hands of people with illegal guns.In other words, “street guns”.Just think about it if the cost of guns rise and there is more security at the gun stores at night. There won’t be so many illegal/ stolen guns on the streets.

Open your eyes the statics show from 2014-now there has been more deaths by illegal/ stolen guns than in any major war combined. Everytown research highlights, “Nearly 80% of guns used in murders are illegal and have been stolen”.More than 30,000 people in the u.s are killed by firearms each year. Wake up because this is serious because everyone is affected by this. Just think about it if you go back to 2013 to 2016 there has been people dying by illegal guns than by aids, drugs, major war and terrorism combined(chop).

The united states really doesn’t really offer anything about the topic all they can say is the people with guns has the right to bare arms.In addition to more security the u.s needs to make people get a license for a gun, get the gun registered, give a reason for purchase, go through safety training, and then store the gun in a safe place.Dear next president hear the cry of young men and children around the world this a serious topic and it needs to be addressed immediately.

Best Regards,

Camille Robinson

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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