Jackson W. Minnesota

Dear Mr. Trump

Howdy there Mr. Trump. Now that you are president I am writing this letter to address a certain issue. The issue that I have some concern for is Obamacare. I agree that it sucks ass, but what do you plan to do with it and what do you want to change on it or better yet what would you replace it with? With increasing premiums destroying people's wallets, and increasing taxes and insurance a boat load. What will you do to lower these down so more people can afford to be able to have good health care? What do you think would be best for this country? I personally don't want to have to pay high taxes and insurance rates for a health care program that doesn't work all that much. We need to make something that will benefit those that use it and help them with a lower cost. Again I'm not sure what else you want to do or plan on doing with this issue.


Jackson Walters