Benny c. Wisconsin

Illegal Immigrants in America

Illegal immigrants should not be allowed in the United States.

          One of the best things about the United States of America is we allow people from other countries to come to ours and live here and try to make a better life for themselves. However, illegal immigrants who do not follow the rules should have consequences like being sent back to their home country and enter ours the proper way. 

           Illegal immigrants don't pay taxes if they are undocumented because the federal government does not know they are here, therefore not paying their fair share of taxes. If they work here and get paid cash only, there is no paper trail requiring them to pay federal and state taxes, which are monies that are used for improvements in the country and the state they live in.

          Illegal immigrants take advantage of our health care system because if they are undocumented they do not have a job where they have access to health insurance. If they are not paying the share of taxes, they are not contributing to the federal government piggy bank that helps pay for low income people to get free health care. 

          The immigrants who are here illegally take jobs from unemployed Americans who are looking for work. Many people say that they take the low paying jobs Americans do not want, but we cannot know that for sure without stopping them from taking the jobs they do not get the right way. The bottom line is whatever job someone who is here illegally takes, is one that an American citizen cannot have.

          I support anyone who wants to come into our great country through the proper channels. If I wanted to migrate to another country, which I never would, I would be expected to do so the right way, and that is all I'm asking for in return. Go USA!!!

De Pere Middle School

Damsheuser Block 1

Mrs. Damsheuser's 1st and 2nd hours

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