Youngkeun K. New York

What is your health care?

Health care is helpful and important. However it is personal choice to get insurance or not.

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

I heard Obamacare and it had a lot of conflicts to passed. I only knew its name but didn't know how it works and why people had the argument with it. I saw one of the issues In 2nd presidential debate was Obamacare.

To me, health care is important because my grandmother easily gets sick and moved to the emergency room. I know emergency room or any medical care on me and my family is very expensive. Lately grandmother's health care service was canceled. Then she was sick, hospital costs more than 100 dollars. 

While I research Obamacare, I could see how it actually work and why some people like it but others don't. Obamacare purpose to all people gets health care. So it forces people to join their healthcare or they will get a penalty. Next year, the penalty for staying uninsured is $695 per adult, or perhaps 2.5 percent of a family's taxable household income. it is a violation of personal freedom. Also, Obamacare provides Young and healthy consumers pay far more in premiums than their claims would justify in order to subsidize the unexpectedly large influx of older, sicker customers who require expensive care.

The head of the third-biggest U.S. health insurer said he has “serious concerns” about whether or not Obamacare’s new markets are sustainable, echoing criticism from other top for-profit insurers. Aetna is one of the biggest insurers in Obamacare and, like its rivals UnitedHealth Group Inc. and Anthem Inc., has struggled to make a profit in the business. Pretax operating losses from the individual business were about 3 percent to 4 percent last year, Aetna Chief Financial Officer Shawn Guertin said. Also, another biggest insurer of Obamacare, UnitedHealthcare decided to leave most of the exchanges where it previously sold coverage, because Hemsley said the company is projecting losses of more than $1 billion for 2015 and 2016 combined from its exchange business.

So Mr. or Madam President, Obamacare was helpful for people who did not have healthcare but it gave disadvantage for people who had healthcare. And Obamacare ignores people's freedom with a penalty of not join it. Insurers losing money by stay in Obamacare.


Youngkeun Kim

East-West School of International Studies

Government - 2nd Period

East-West School of International Studies 12th Grade Government Class

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