Brady K. Minnesota

letter to Donald Trump, 2016 President.

Donald Trump is going to "Make America Great Again", and that is what we need.

Dear Donald Trump,

My name is Brady Kalal.  I am writing to you to let you know that I, one of the many Americans, support you.  I figure that our economy and immigration system have gotten worse these past years, and the ideas you bring to the table are what I think people are looking for.  This was an issue that needed to be taken care of sooner or later, and I'm glad that we finally have someone who can take care of it.

Your idea to build a wall is good, but it has it's defaults.  Building a wall would definitely make things harder for the Mexicans to get across the border, but there are many ways around it such as tunnels, airplanes, helicopters boats, exc.  Not only that, but there is no way that Mexico is going to pay for it without raging full on war with us, which would only increase tensions.  Now, although the ideas about immigration reform are a little sketchy, I'm sure it won't be too difficult to come up with a new plan of action. 

One thing I am all for is your economic plans.  I figure that since you are a business man, the economy is going to take a whole new turn, which is exactly what I want.  I feel like in today's economy, everyone stresses about getting jobs and being able to make a good living for themselves.  I want this to come to an end.  There is a reason why you were elected, now hold up your end of the deal and make America great again.

Sincerely, Brady Kalal