Ryan Minnesota

End Abortion

Abortion should be abolished, and Planed Parenthood defunded.

Dear Mr. President,

Mr. President please go through with your plan to defund Planned Parenthood, and abolish abortion. It is very concerning that a country like America finds it perfectly fine to kill unborn babies. Every year 699,202 abortions are performed here in the U.S. I live in the Minneapolis area, and 699,202 people is bigger than the city of Minneapolis it self, and that's the number of babies killed every year.

Abortions are immoral. Humans have agreed that it is legally, and morally wrong to kill someone. If a person kills someone, the killer usually ends up with a hefty prison sentence. If someone kills a pregnant women, and the death of the women results in the death of her baby the killer is charged with double murder. So, we have established killing is wrong, why is it okay for a women to kill her baby. Some will say the women has the right because it is her body. This statement proves to be false. The baby is its own body, currently living in its mother's womb and that does not mean the mother has the right to kill her child, because she doesn't want to be pregnant.

Another argument the pro-choice makes is: the child in the womb is not a human, it is simply a group of cells. This argument makes no sense. This “group of cells” has its own genetic makeup, that will never happen again, and the genetic makeup just happens to be made up of human DNA. The child in the womb is human. The pro-choice side also says the the child in the womb is not human until it comes out the the womb through birth, or until it reaches a certain age in the womb. This also makes no sense. It is like saying that a person is not a human while they are in their bedroom, but as soon as they leave the room they are human. What kind of argument is that. As for the age argument it is like saying, “Oh, you're 65 and are going to retire. Well, that's too bad you lived to be 65, because now you are not human.” People don't say that, how can age make you human, or unhuman, it's a flawed argument.

You, as president should abolish abortion, and defund Planned Parenthood, since they are the major abortion center. The pro-abortion argument is flawed, and immoral. After abolishing abortion, and defunding Planned Parenthood, you should fund organizations that help mothers through pregnancies, Whether they are teen moms, or unwanted pregnancies. There is plenty of organizations that help mothers during pregnancies, and provide resources to those who can not afford a child, which is a better use of the money.