Homelessness in America

There is an astounding amount of people stuck on the streets of cities, under bridges, starving and sick, spending the money they panhandle on drugs. It is depressing, especially knowing that there are ways to prevent it.

        Just yesterday morning I drove to school with my next-door neighbor. As we left the highway, you see masses of homeless, with cardboard signs, and cups for spare change. Sometimes you see them arguing with each other, and almost the same amount of times you see them arguing with someone who really isn't there. It is also frightening when you are walking down the street to the Corner Store and you cross paths with a raggedy homeless person who is staggering around saying random things. There are ways to prevent this-here are some of them.

       Some ways to help would be free rehab facilities. This would work so well because 20 percent of homeless are in their situation because of drug or alcohol abuse. After they are stable, assistance finding jobs would help, and giving them a place to stay during that time by building more shelters to give them a roof over their head. More affordable housing should be made, so after they find a stable job, they would have permanent housing  and a job. Some services like temporary cash assistance and other things would also help them keep that state even if they aren't very good, they would still help.               

        The homeless situation should be high on your list of priorities, because it affects so many people  and can be solved. This is especially important to me, because I live in California, which hosts 20 percent of America's homeless population, and in a county which just recently had 3,500 homeless in it.

Thank You-Alex

Gateway School, Santa Cruz

Gateway 8th Grade Humanities Students

We are a group of 8th grade students with one teacher in Santa Cruz, California.

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