Elianna California

Stop Animal Abuse!

Animal abuse is a big issue in the US and it needs to be stopped.

Dear Future President,

     That stray dog you saw in the park last week? Shot. The cat you saw at the grocery store? Shot. Some people believe that these strays have no place in the world. If they were to get adopted or trained for police-related activity, does that mean they have no purpose? These animals don't deserve to be abused. Imagine each animal as you being tortured. This needs to be stopped.

This affects animals all over the world. They're constantly hit and killed or just hurt in general. They don't deserve to be hurt just for living their lives. If a pet is mistaken for a stray and gets killed, it could greatly affect the family that it belonged to. This can physically and mentally hurt both the people and the animals.

We can solve this problem by having a service that drives around picking up stray animals, and takes them to animal shelters where they can later be adopted. We could also implement a law that abusing/killing animals is illegal. This would punish people for hurting these innocent animals. Therefore, these stray animals couldn't be harmed.

We need to stop animal abuse, once and for all, for the people and for the animals. We can do this by implementing laws, and caring about these little creatures. If we want to make a difference, we need to do it now! If you really want to be a good president, add a law prohibiting this. Stop animal abuse! 



Peterson Middle School

8th Grade ELA

Middle School students from 8th Grade English

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