Alejandro California

Police brutality

Police should stop abusing there power by taking innocent lives.

  Dear Future President ,

I believe that police brutality should be stopped because police officers are abusing their power by taking the lives of black people. I want them to know that if we all peel off our skin will all look the same . Another reason why I believe it should stop is because the police officers are treating them like dirt. But everyone is the same no matter what race they are or how they look or if their gay or lesbian.

I would want you future president to tell the officers they should think twice before they pull the trigger. The president should tell the sheriff to teach the officers were to shoot but won't kill them. Also they should fire them and sent them to jail but only if they had done it. “A man was choked out ”I found this on [] and the man had his hands out and he was not resisting. We need to have better training of our police.

I believe that police brutality should be put to an end and the police officers are abusing their power. And taking innocent people away from their families. And should know if we take off our skin we look the same. That’s why I believe police brutality should be stopped. 



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