Cain A. Iowa

Homeless Veterans

Homelessness is bad enough for citizens but our Homeless Veterans is insane

Im Cain Andersen and my topic is about the homeless Veterans in our country. To most people veterans that are homeless isn't a big deal to them but to me I think that it is crazy that they are homeless because of what they done for our country.

Homelessness is bad enough with regular citizens but when it's our very own soldiers that just got done fighting combat, should NOT be homeless. If they are homeless when they come back to the U.S. then what was the point for fighting? So they can come back and stay on the streets all day everyday. Nobody cares about them enough to even feed them.

In the good news Obama has decreased homeless veterans majorly. In the past 4 years the number of veterans across the nation has plummeted by 50%. But there is still over 500,000 homeless Veterans. I think that it is embarrassing to have these people homeless especially when they've been fight our war for years. Since 2015 the percentage have been cut down by 17%. It was quadruple the previous years rate of decline. The veterans say on the streets it's tough because it's hard to stay sober. One veteran said the longest he stayed sober for the past 10 years he was on the streets was  only about 14 months.

New Orleans was the first place to “declare war on homeless vets” they got their number all the way to zero homeless veterans. They say it's hard for a marine or anyone that has fought to keep a solid job for a long period of time. Most soldiers come home with PTSD, PTSD is a post traumatic stress disorder. It is basically when they are sleeping or really anytime they can have a flashback of a bad time in war. And most times they freak out and they think that they are back in battle. The government sometimes will give them specially trained dogs to help keep them calm, but sometimes they can have other disorders from fighting battles. Like a majority of the soldiers when they come home they like to drink. They drink for their own personal reasons. Those are some reasons they can not keep a job.

Soldiers should get paychecks from the government monthly but I don’t think it's enough to afford a house and food. I think anyone that had fought in the army or military or anything like that should get enough money to get themselves a house and food for a long enough time for them to get a steady job going, and everything is doing good through the eyes of the soldier. If the U.S. government did that, I guarantee the homelessness for soldiers would drop down to absolutely zero.