Quamara Menendez Florida

Where are the shelters for the homeless in Sunny Isles Beach?

17 Year old student exposes the issue of homelessness and no buildings being made to shelter them; only buildings of luxury for the wealthy.

Dear future President,

I am a resident of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida and I am writing to you because there is an issue regarding homelessness.

Every state has there fare share of people who don’t have homes and walk around the streets looking for care and assistance while others don’t want to be bothered or taken into shelter. The reason I bring this up is not to sound like a typical beauty pageant response, but to address real issues that are often looked over. Most shelters fill up quickly by those who want and need assistance. When there is a need to house someone, there is NO guarantee you will get them placed. Sunny Isles Beach has turned into a location where buildings upon building are being constructed; Condos from left to right. Even a block away from where I live, a park and amphitheater is being made. The local Publix on Collins ave. is being taken down to begin the construction of another building and making the Publix half the size. If there is no more space to house the homeless, why not build another shelter for them? Why waste millions of dollars on yet another Trump tower or Porsche building that isn’t even a necessity?

Sunny Isles beach has so many Condos that are still empty. People need homes that are reasonable prices. Condos that were built years ago are still empty but more are being made. Does that even make sense? We can’t save all people who are homeless but why not try by stopping the construction of these million dollar condos. I am still very young, but I am concerned about what is being built around me. I look up at night and see buildings with many rooms being unoccupied, I look down at my neighborhood and see people begging for food and money to help them survive.

I am specifically writing to you because I want you to take into consideration what really needs to be built. We don’t need condos that go for a starting price of $1,000,000; we don’t need another park across the street from another. We need reasonable homes for residents; we need sanctuary for those in need. You know that Miami, Florida has bipolar weather and can sometimes be dangerous with storms or hurricanes like the one that just passed. It would be hard to relate to the way these people feel when they see another Trump tower is being built but not one shelter is being considered. Please stop the construction of luxury and enforce construction to help people of the community stay safe and have a home. Wouldn’t you want to be thought of if you were living on the streets and by the generosity of others?

Thank you for considering this matter,

Quamara Menendez, Alonzo Tracy Mourning Senior High