Audrey D. California


My letter is to the President of the U.S about immigration. I think that illegal immigrants are fine and America needs them. They are the people who helped shaped America to what it is today

Dear Future President,

Everyday there is someone starving on the street because they have no home, no job, no money, and no food. Many people blame it on illegal immigrants who cross the border. But I have a proposal, based on the many websites I went on and researched, America needs immigrants, without them, America wouldn’t be the America it is today. Based on an article “The Truth About America’s Illegal Immigrants” I read that illegal immigrants pay taxes just like U.S citizens do. They help the government, and they don’t take up food stamps or anything like those that actual U.S citizens think they do. They don’t because they need actual proof of their residence in America. So if people can’t get food stamps, don’t blame it on immigrants.

On immigrants shape America’s culture. I mean, did you know that some of our country’s famous immigrants are Albert Einstein, David Ho, and some many more people. Without them we wouldn’t have a lot of the concepts and items we have now that we use everyday such as, siri, Google, basketball and so much more. I know that those famous people aren’t illegal immigrants, but illegal immigrants have a potential of being one of those people. They could be on the path now in America there they can improve and renovate America. They are a part of our culture, and shape it. Some jobs we have today, wouldn’t have even existed if it weren’t for immigrants. So people can’t say that illegal immigrants take their jobs so let's ban them, because without there wouldn’t be some of the jobs that are here now. So let’s thank them for creating more jobs for us.

Some people think that they can say “a day without immigrants” but maybe you haven’t realized that without them, many things would change. People and you yourself might not realize this, but if there are no immigrants for a day, many people would be missing. An organization might not work just because it was started by an immigrant or child of an immigrant. Maybe there wouldn’t be enough waiters or waitresses to serve you your afternoon tea. Or maybe you're rushed to the hospital that day but there is no doctor, nurse, or there was no medication because immigrants created it. No one realizes how many immigrants are in America, there are so many that a day without them would destroy America. Even I myself am an immigrant. The quote, “Without immigrants, our country wouldn’t function. So let’s give it a go…” article, gives us so much more information on what would happen without immigrants.

Immigrants also offer us trading opportunities and global businesses. Based on an article about facts of immigrants, I read “The U.S population is aging and the potential of more unfilled jobs and talent shortages may impede economic growth.” - With illegal immigrants we have a better chance of finding talent to improve our economic growth. Just think about it, would you turn down the offer of giving brighter futures to families.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                          Audrey

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