Taylor Minnesota


My letter is about how we need to pay more attention to homeless people and take action to help them out because, they need the same things as the rest of us.

Dear future president,

While you are president I want you to have an open mind and be fair to all, to help try to make our country better for all of us. In my opinion, there would be nothing worse than having the leader of our country care more about his own beliefs than everyone else's. There are many issues that need to be dealt with while you are president but the one that stands out the most to me is, homelessness. Have you ever driven by a person on a bicycle with everything they own strapped to them and wanted to help them out?... I have, and I know that many others have too.

Homelessness in our country is ridiculous there are millions of Americans that are found sleeping in the streets each year. Affordable housing is a crisis and I need you to help make affordable housing possible for all Americans, not just wealthy ones. Some things that are contributing to this problem are, we have a lack of housing assistance programs, falling incomes of less secure jobs with fewer benefits, lack of affordable health care, domestic violence has gone up in the past year, and the public has declined in trying to help this issue. This is a problem because many Americans are already in poverty and it’s only going to get worse unless we do something to help it. Some families are putting off getting things they need, because they know keeping a roof over their families heads is more important. An example would be food and shelter, two things of which we need to live. The family could only afford one. Know matter which one they pick they aren't able to have the things they need to live.

We need to take action and give homeless people a voice. They are treated unfairly and shouldn't be. We need to protect their rights before it's too late. Homeless people usually have hard times getting jobs because, to get a job you need to be clean and have clean clothes to wear. Except if you live on the streets you can't just take a shower. And without a job know one can get nice, clean clothes to wear. If a person may obtain a job, it would only be a low wage paying job and if that person cannot obtain a job he/she could turn to violence or drugs. They may even form groups to sell the drugs to get money for a warm bed to sleep in. However, if you have a physical or mental disability that makes finding and getting a job that much more difficult.

We need to do something about all the Americans in poverty because once you're in it it's nearly impossible to get yourself out of it and that's why we need to help the people that are already in it before even more from the next generation go down that same path. I personally think that you should help and provide more money and resources to the homeless communities. … And you never know maybe if we help them out now, they could become a future president in later years.