Brandon Minnesota


This is my opinion on terrorism and what should be done about it.

Dear Future President, 

Terrorism is becoming a big issue around the world as many terrorist groups are becoming larger and more developed. As time goes on, it seems as if it gets worse and worse day by day. Terrorism can happen anywhere, anytime without you knowing it's going to happen. Terrorists attack civilians more than the military typically. The point of terrorism is to instill fear in the public and make people feel unsafe and unwelcome. It can be used to prove a point or demonstrate a protest or a rebellion. The terrorists could strike at anytime, even in the United States and we have to be prepared for one not just on our homeland, but globally as well. After 9/11, many people fear another big terrorist attack on our own soil and we need to make sure that we prevent any future attacks. If you look at other countries as well, you see many terrorists attacks especially in Europe now. You need to make sure that we are safe on our home land and make sure that we can try and stop terrorism globally to prevent it worldwide. We need to understand the effects and what to do to try and stop it. Living with the fear of terrorist attacks isn't a good way to live and the fact that the world has to worry about it on a day to day basis, especially other countries, isn't right. An attack could happen to anyone, anywhere, and understanding terrorism and stopping it can avoid unnecessary losses. We need to make sure we can identify threats and have big areas monitored. We need to stop terrorism and and if we can stop it, people wouldn't have to worry about terrorism on a day to day basis and see stuff on the news about terrorism almost everyday.